May 2018 update – It all started

LUCIAP was selected among the first 21 Authority Node Operators (ANOs) on April 28th. We set up our mainnet infrastructure over the first two weeks and two of our nodes were onboarded in the authority set on May 19th. In common agreement with other ANOs we all started setting our efficiencies and coinbase addresses on May 29th. So May 2018 was the month it all started for LUCIAP.

Following our selection, we also had some administrative work to get us started. We were fortunate to find a lawyer versed in cryptocurrency and practicing in Canada, where we are located. But honestly all of this is not tremendously interesting šŸ˜Š

Development work

We released a new major version 0.2 of factom.js, the JavaScript library of reference for Factom. This is an important milestone as this version comes with lot of improvements regarding stability, size footprint and performance. This is the first version we feel comfortable recommending people to use for their projects, but it should still be considered at a beta stage: lots of features and improvements are still in the pipeline. We welcome any feedback or recommendations. You can find a general changelog in this forum annoucement:

We developed the tool that was used by Authority Node Operators to set their efficiency and coinbase address. Those are steps necessary for the ANOs to receive their compensation in FCT. Factom Inc. untrusted us with this task so it alleviated some of the work they had to do during the M3 launch. We integrated an offline mode in this tool that allows users to set their efficiency and coinbase address in the most secure environment (so that the private keys of their identities canā€™t leak).

We extended our factom-testnet-monitoring tool to allow to compute aggregated metrics about Factom blockchain. That was some work related to our involvement in the Testnet monitoring working group. This was requested by the Testnet Admin to add metrics to his monthly report. Please note that the tool and script can actually be run against mainnet blockchainā€¦


We were involved in multiple (mostly technical) discussions on the Factomize forum:

LUCIAP Factom identities

LUCIAP Factom identities of our authority nodes are:

  • 888888aac90d34ba84830046be9bdbc0c12d39045ce8f3f6c95f0beca4636629
  • 88888852a0821dd227735c50c5016741de67786432b9644c5d695b5ce7e42e58

As of today, the efficiency of both nodes is set to 50% in accordance with our campaigning document. Also, our two FCT payout addresses are: FA3F2aHx5hjmFpx1ySZeJgZHCzp1apg5rFfkvkgiKkq83Zrc95qv and FA2JS2Qdn5X2xYiM3xuu9hEJQEMBsVrCQsD7iSFR3kS6TvZvJyAu. All of this is publicly auditable directly in Factom blockchain.