June 2018 update

We started this month of June by putting together an initial grant proposal: on-chain voting protocol. This grant is meant to develop a fundamental component of the Factom decentralized governance as this on-chain protocol will be used for voting subsequent grants, guide elections, amendements of the governance document, etc. It’s also worth noting that this grant is a partnership between 4 entities: the Factoid Authority, Factomatic, MyFactomWallet and Luciap. This grant proposal was submitted to the community and approved without vote against it. The actual payment of grants will happen sometimes in July. Meanwhile we have already started some planning/coordination discussions with the other teams involved in this project. The development for this grant is going to be a big part of what we are going to work on in July.

We released a straightforward web UI where anyone can see details of the identities of the authority set: https://luciap.ca/#/authority-set(if you’ve already seen it you can still have a look and see the new ANOs on-boarded the last few days) This includes in particular the efficiency of each Authority Node Operator together with their payout addresses (past and present). The goal is obviously transparency and with this info it’s fairly easy to analysis if ANOs are sticking to their campaign promises. We did our own analysis of the payout addresses of all ANOs and found that 8/11 haven’t even touched a single FCT. With this data in hands it should be fairly easy to debunk the myth that ANOs are dumping on the market ;).

Factom.js reached version 0.2.3. We got couple of new projects that started relying on it and we are very happy about that.

We extracted the core logic of our tool factom-identity-cli into a standalone  NPM package factom-identity-lib which makes it reusable by any other application that would want to deal with Factom identities. This is the package used by our authority set web page for instance. On the way we also fixed a bug that was rounding incorrectly efficiency updates…

Finally, we keep exploring the possibilities of Factom. We reached out to a young French company, NinjaLab, which specialize in cryptographic hardware security (and recently participated in the Ledger CTF) to get their point of view on the potential convergence of blockchain and cryptographic hardware. They were receptive to Factom (they liked the dLoc project) and we’ll try to devise a possible crypto hardware research grant to submit once the grants are open to the public.

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