July 2018 update

  • On-chain voting system: the grant issuance has been postponed multiple times during the month of July. As we speak grants are supposed to be paid out on 6th August. Nonetheless Luciap already met few times during the month with the other parties of the project to plan for the work and iron the voting protocol specification. We designed an initial version that is satisfying enough to start the implementation but we are still looking for a peer review by Factom Inc. It’s particularly important as the voting has some deep connection with the standing party identities being developed by Inc. We expect Luciap to start the actual implementation of the core specification in JavaScript during the month of August.
  • Our lead developer Paul (ex-Amazonian) has been ramping up on the Golang programming language by taking online courses and reading books of reference. Most of the ecosystem of software created by Factom Inc. is in Golang and the end goal here is to be able to make direct contributions to the original tools and, hopefully, to also make code changes to the core software. As a first step Paul made some code changes ([1] [2]) to allow specification of CORS domains for a factomd node. Setting CORS would allow to make calls to a Factom node directly from a browser which open doors for some interesting experimentation with have in mind. We hope this is the first of many contributions to the Factom codebase!
  • Participation in the (newly revived and active) core and code deploy committee. With the recent series of stalls there is a lot of matter to discuss here.
  • We made some brush up work on factom-storage which is a tool to store entire files on Factom blockchain. After some optimizations to make the tool more robust we managed to store a 15Mb high resolution picture on the testnet at a cost of 14,778 EC (~$14.778). Downloading the file is as easy as `factom-storage download 3865669b99fb8453905b167c8ccf5033bed3570de4ac646cb54bd7072e964caf`!
  • Small continuous improvements to factom.js now in version 0.2.6.
  • We also have started to work on a project about integrating Factom with some AWS services (Amazon cloud services) as seamlessly as possible. More details to come in the following months…
  • Luciap has changed its legal structure to become a corporation of British Columbia, Canada. To reflect this change of legal entity we rotated our payout addresses which are now FA3ng8sPtUESh97yy6MzeLmT4Azqj8PVYyg6CLxYfQnS3QC3ytKL and FA2cQhPNrQZRjUpr4hpt3WeUSWaBJDyzBzLrpUhQzdiwnmV4ApBs. You can keep track of our old addresses using https://luciap.ca/#/authority-set (and notice that we still haven’t move any FCT from there).