August & September update

  • The work on the Facton on-chain voting grant has been what has keep us the most busy during those 2 months. We actively participated in the writing of the final version of the specification that can be found here. Luciap is also responsible for the implementation of the spec in JavaScript and you can find the code repository here. By the end of this week the full implementation will be available. This library will be in particular used in the MyFactomWallet website to create and sign vote entries in the browser. For a general update on the on-chain voting grant and the rest of the work being done by the other parties involved, please have a look at the forum thread with the updates of our sponsor.
  • We extended our tool factom-identity-cli to allow the submission of coinbase cancel messages. Until then there was no existing tool to trigger this functionality of the Factom protocol.
  • We organized a coinbase cancel exercise on the testnet in real conditions. The exercise was successful in the sense that enough ANOs participated and we managed to cancel a coinbase output. But it also highlighted a bug in the protocol regarding the threshold at which the coinbase cancel is effective (1/4 of the authority set instead of 1/2).
  • We released version 0.3 of factom.js in August (at the time we speak we are at version 0.3.5). Version 0.3 was focused on the utilization in a web browser with a work of optimization on the dependencies of the library to make it lighter, among other things.
  • We reviewed the technical design and API definitions of the identity and standing parties functionality being developer by Factom Inc.
  • Active participation in the discussions of the “Core and code deploy” committee.

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