November and December Update

  • Since the last update the Factom Asset Tokens (FAT) project got awarded a grant by the community. This is currently the main project we are working on and it is taking up most of our time and effort. We are focusing on the development of a desktop wallet that will support all FAT tokens in one place, help you manage your digital identities and more. As all the work is open-source the development can be followed here. We are also participating in all technical discussions and FAT specifications improvements (FATIP).
  • We have published our first technical and educational article on Factom. It describes a handful of common design patterns (and anti-patterns) to use on Factom. This is drawn from our experience of developing Factom libraries and working on the on-chain voting protocol and the FAT protocol. We are very happy with the reception it got and will produce more in the future.
  • We have been finalizing version 1.0 of factom.js. A Release Candidate version is already available for download and we now have a full online documentation. The official 1.0 release should happen within the next few weeks and will be the results of months of refinements and feedback from users.
  • We worked on a factomd issue. This is worth a look to see a good example of community cooperation: the feature request was made by an ANO member, we proposed to take on the task and Factom Inc. employees answered to our questions to facilitate the implementation. The feature will be available in the next release of factomd. Speaking of contributions to Factom software, if you haven’t seen Factom Inc. November technical update, all the “community contribution” mentions here were made by Luciap Technology 😉
  • We have been working on an update of our Factom identity JavaScript library to support the upcoming digital identities on Factom developed by Factom Inc. We based our implementation on the current specification and we already used it in the on-chain voting system and the FAT wallet. This update will be released once Factom Inc. themselves release officially the new version of factom-walletd supporting those digital identities. The documentation of the updated version is available online.
  • We published a version 0.2 of the factom-identity-cli. This brought UI improvements and some warnings about some common issues that can happen when using the tool (clock synchronization).
  • We have been doing support for the ongoing on-chain grant. We have tweaked our JS voting library to help the integration in the MyFactomWallet UI.
  • Core and code deployment committee: we reviewed the initial proposal of the Factom Improvement Protocol (FIP) produced by Niels Klomp.

We wish you all a great holiday season and we are looking forward for another prolific year of Factom development! See you in 2019!